Location: Toronto, ON

Industry: Education
Customer since: 2011

Goal: The University of Toronto (U of T) has worked with Workspace Group (WSG) on a myriad of projects over multiple campuses including: the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport; University of Toronto Mississauga’s Kaneff/Innovation Complex and Deerfield Hall; Centre of Commercialization and Regenerative Medicine at the MaRs Discovery District. Each one of these installations required a specific furniture solution to suit the function of the space. As Workspace Group (WSG) represents 63+ furniture manufacturers, we are always able to fulfill U of T’s specifications.

Office Furniture Scope: Medical labs, administrative offices, cafeterias/lunch rooms and public spaces. 

Product: Each furniture installation required a mix of Herman Miller seating, Herman Miller tables, Herman Miller filing and storage as well as Spec Furniture, Cape, Tusch, Tayco and Sit On It seating.